Ave Maria – Our Wonderful God

Ave Maria playing in the background, my heart sings with,an angelic voice, praising our wonderful God and heavenly Father,

my heart ache, am I ungrateful, blunt, yes, my God is so good and I am still ungrateful and in pain, the question why,

we know the answer and have faith in the heavenly wisdom, to prepare us for whatever comes our way. Father, give us our daily peace and faith, keep us positive, even if our world collapse,

keep us in faith, for a better day is dawning, keep us safe, our little ones from harm, or take us before we have to see en feel the demise of these little hands and feet, these hearts that looks to us in so much expectancy,

give them the future, a future they so richly deserve, a future we wish to built but can only do in your grace. Allow us my God to give our whole for You my Lord, so that they may be blessed and in your grace. Amen


Give to Receive

How many times have we heard the story that we must be able to give to receive, and I agree with that notion wholeheartedly, I am living by that motto, as you can not receive without opening your hand.

The question that however do come to mind, is receiving the motivation for giving, and if that is the case, are we then not rejecting these blessings in selfish motivations. I believe that we should give not to receive, but because we must feel the compassion and urge to help somebody more than ourselves, we must give in abundance as we will always have to give, when we help and we give the little we have, forget about it, do not expect returns, and the return that will come your way is definitely out of this world.

The return that we will then receive will be from our Lord and Creator.

Shooting great pictures has never been so difficult

Excellent Article by somebody who know the ropes, I agree wholeheartedly, a camera no matter how advanced will never be able to take great pictures, that is a talent only present in certain persons, people who dedicate their lives to finding the right picture. Thanks to the Author for a wonderful piece of work


It is saying the opposite of the thing I am saying It is saying the opposite of the thing I am about to say

I saw this advertisement in the window of a shop on Tottenham Court Road, and took a photograph of it.

Annoyed by the blandness of this as a statement – Shooting great pictures has never been so easy – and, in a similar way to my question about minimal aesthetics, I have a question about photography.

Immediate aside: It’s hard to write this without sounding anti-technology. I am not – really, I’m not; (photography, pretty obviously, is technological in toto); I’m not even anti-digital (not completely).

I believe, however, that there’s an intensity of attention that is forced upon an artist by a lack of technology, or lack of easy and helpful and well-designed technology. And that, if there isn’t that deprivation of ease, there can’t be that intensity.

(This might be a.k.a. ‘the uses of adversity’, or what Yeats had as…

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Thanks to my Lord and Heavenly Father

When I think of anything in my day, I cannot help but first be grateful for the experience of experiencing, that which make us so blessed and privileged. That is what make us different from all around us, Our God blessed us with a spirit of awareness, yes my animals are also aware, aware of their surrounding, but they do not have a deeper awareness of the wonderful God we serve, they only understand survival, to be able to live from day to day, and we love them for that, as they turn out to be wonderful companions, something our Father intended them to be for us.

I want to scream from rooftops, lets dwell on the wonder of life and the present we receive, the privilege of loved ones, and everyday that we are blessed with them, health to be able to appreciate all of this, and means to give, even if it is time that we have, it is a precious commodity, lets give in honoring our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thanks to all, I am a child of God, a prince in Heaven

New adventures, new beginnings

I have so many times created a WordPress account just to let it fly, not putting one word on the screen. Thanks to another blogger I realized just how simple it is to do the blogging thing, been of the 60 generation, this is not so strange but a lot of my generation still believe the PC is from hell, bent on leading us all into temptation.

To the people reading this, please forgive if the use of English sounds forced and incorrect, I am Afrikaans speaking with an higher education, I experience the heartache of a country, very much loved, and pray every day for this country and the wonderful people that are living here.

My goal with the blog is to talk with my readers, share interesting thoughts and experiences as experienced by the people of our country, or as I perceive it to be experienced. My perceptions will be gathered from interactions in the community, through an internet cafe which I am part of and also at my workplace where I am the manager, dealing everyday with the disappointments of people working with me.

Thank you and a request, please be frank in your feedback, the best way to learn is through honest comments, if you wish to be rude, this won’t be the place