New adventures, new beginnings

I have so many times created a WordPress account just to let it fly, not putting one word on the screen. Thanks to another blogger I realized just how simple it is to do the blogging thing, been of the 60 generation, this is not so strange but a lot of my generation still believe the PC is from hell, bent on leading us all into temptation.

To the people reading this, please forgive if the use of English sounds forced and incorrect, I am Afrikaans speaking with an higher education, I experience the heartache of a country, very much loved, and pray every day for this country and the wonderful people that are living here.

My goal with the blog is to talk with my readers, share interesting thoughts and experiences as experienced by the people of our country, or as I perceive it to be experienced. My perceptions will be gathered from interactions in the community, through an internet cafe which I am part of and also at my workplace where I am the manager, dealing everyday with the disappointments of people working with me.

Thank you and a request, please be frank in your feedback, the best way to learn is through honest comments, if you wish to be rude, this won’t be the place


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