Thanks to my Lord and Heavenly Father

When I think of anything in my day, I cannot help but first be grateful for the experience of experiencing, that which make us so blessed and privileged. That is what make us different from all around us, Our God blessed us with a spirit of awareness, yes my animals are also aware, aware of their surrounding, but they do not have a deeper awareness of the wonderful God we serve, they only understand survival, to be able to live from day to day, and we love them for that, as they turn out to be wonderful companions, something our Father intended them to be for us.

I want to scream from rooftops, lets dwell on the wonder of life and the present we receive, the privilege of loved ones, and everyday that we are blessed with them, health to be able to appreciate all of this, and means to give, even if it is time that we have, it is a precious commodity, lets give in honoring our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thanks to all, I am a child of God, a prince in Heaven


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