Ave Maria – Our Wonderful God

Ave Maria playing in the background, my heart sings with,an angelic voice, praising our wonderful God and heavenly Father,

my heart ache, am I ungrateful, blunt, yes, my God is so good and I am still ungrateful and in pain, the question why,

we know the answer and have faith in the heavenly wisdom, to prepare us for whatever comes our way. Father, give us our daily peace and faith, keep us positive, even if our world collapse,

keep us in faith, for a better day is dawning, keep us safe, our little ones from harm, or take us before we have to see en feel the demise of these little hands and feet, these hearts that looks to us in so much expectancy,

give them the future, a future they so richly deserve, a future we wish to built but can only do in your grace. Allow us my God to give our whole for You my Lord, so that they may be blessed and in your grace. Amen


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